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DTDC Australia

Affordable domestic / international courier service TO / FROM – UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Fiji and many more. DTDC Australia (Door to Door Courier) are one of the most reputed and fast growing courier service in Australia.

Who We Are?

DTDC is an innovative courier service with a rich history in the area of imports and exports, Operating in over 10 000 locations, DTDC has pushed the boundaries of logistics to the max. We make sure that we always get your goods to the required destination at extremely competitive prices. DTDC has been a client favourite since 1990 and has since grown into a fierce competitor in the logistics world. With our exceptionally talented team, advanced systems and immersive tracking options, we set the standard for AAA international and domestic courier services.

What We Offer

Domestic Courier Services

When it comes to interstate shipping, DTDC has got your back. We are known for our fast and secure services and our clients trust us to get their goods where they need to go. With our wide range of network courier partners, detailed driver tracking and updates, we always leave you with a smile on your face.

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International Shipping

You are in control. Choose your shipping partner from a wide selection such as DTDC, DHL, TNT and more at the click of a button. We will have your goods shipped over to you in no time. DTDC is the first choice when it comes to transporting goods overseas and this is because, no matter where you are...We can assist you with whatever you may need.

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Same Day Delivery

Time Critical delivery for when you need it most, we put your shipments on the next available flight and notify you when the process is complete. We guarantee shipment delivery within 2 hours after availability in capital cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. Extra driving time may be required for other destinations.

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Services and Solutions

Excess Baggage

DTDC specializes in sending excess baggage and personal effects all over the world. You can contact us today or get an instant quote online. Our mission is to make your journey with us as easy as possible, so why not use the courier service that has got your back.

Door To Door

We provide unique and reliable door to door deliveries and with our advanced driver tracking and personal process notification system, you are able to view the process of your order or delivery from the comfort of your own home via our online tracking software.

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